3Girls Theatre Company

It's been twenty years since actors Emma and Luke were a couple, but they're still connected by a net of loose ends and secrets. When Emma writes a thinly veiled roman-a-clef of a play and asks Luke to direct her in it, the struggle over who controls the story of their break-up –and its far-ranging results -- becomes just as important as the script itself. Aided and abetted by Luke's daughter and Emma's husband, the former lovers turn Emma's play into a backdrop for grappling with how their long-ago choices entangle them in each other's lives forever.

This is what SF/Arts curator Jean Schiffman had to say about Entanglement :

This clever family drama, of sorts, by 3Girls artistic director AJ Baker, is about “the quantum mechanics of love,” no less. Two actors, former lovers, reconnect under complicated circumstances. She (played by Madeline H.D. Brown) has written a play about their relationship and she wants him (Louis Parnell, who also directs) to direct it. Things spiral out of control—secrets emerge, with her husband and his daughter part of the mix.

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Nov 19 → Dec 17
Thu-Sat at 8 pm, Sun at 2 pm; no show Thu Nov 24
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470 Florida St., San Francisco
Info: 415-275-0348
Venue: 415/626-0453
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