2017 Festival: The Glorious Violin

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Celebrating the 15th anniversary season. The Glorious Violin will focus on the evolution of the instrument at the hands of immortal composers, virtuoso performers and master violin makers, from the earliest days of the Baroque period, through the technical wizardry of the Romantics, to the present day. Concert Programs will complement artist-curated Carte Blanche performances given by some of the world's most celebrated violinists, and [email protected]'s signature Encounter lectures will illuminate the violin's history in truly fascinating detail.

This is what SF/Arts curator Laura Fraenza had to say about 2017 Festival: The Glorious Violin :

[email protected]’s 15th festival honors the violin, a glorious instrument, in café conversations, multimedia lectures, master classes and performances featuring young musicians and dozens of festival artists. The South Bay festival is a total immersion in music featuring the stringed instrument and programs that illustrate the enormous impact the violin has had on classical music.

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Jul 14 → Aug 05
Call or visit the website
Call or visit the website
, San Francisco
Info: 650-331-0202
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