The Eva Trilogy

Magic Theatre

In Barbara Hammond's trilogy, an Irish expat named Eva returns home from her rebellious life in Paris and makes an irreparable choice when her ailing mother's fate is placed in her hands. Her decision becomes legendary within her community and proceeds to haunt her through the rest of her life.

This is what SF/Arts curator Jean Schiffman had to say about The Eva Trilogy :

Barbara Hammond’s drama, a world premiere, is about an Irish woman, Eva (Julia McNeal), who returns home from Paris when her mother becomes sick, an action that determines the rest of Eva’s life. Her fate is traced through three short plays, “Eden,” “Enter The Roar” and “No Coast Road,” which, seen all together, form a complete story. Loretta Greco directs; the stellar seven-member cast includes Magic Theatre regular Rod Gnapp and Megan Trout.

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Oct 28 → Nov 12
Tue at 7 pm, Wed-Sat at 8 pm & Sun at 2:30 pm
The Curran Theatre
445 Geary, San Francisco
Info: 415-441-8822
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