5 On 25

SAFEhouse Arts

SAFEhouse Arts presents 5 on 25: SAFEhouse celebrates Joe Landini's 25th Anniversary featuring the work of dance makers Alma Esperanza Cunningham, Nina Haft, Joe Landini, Amy Lewis and Ronja Ver. DEC 7-9: Program 1; DEC 14-16: Program II. See website for details.

This is what SF/Arts curator Heather Desaulniers had to say about 5 On 25 :

With “5 on 25,” SAFEhouse Arts marks two milestones: executive director Joe Landini’s 25-year contribution to the San Francisco dance community and the organization’s next chapter in its new home. Two distinct programs of new and returning work honor both: Weekend One features Alma Esperanza Cunningham and Landini; Weekend Two highlights Nina Haft, Amy Lewis and Ronja Ver. 

Event Info
Dec 07 → Dec 16
Thu-Sat at 8 pm
SAFEhouse Arts
145 Eddy st., San Francisco
Info: 866.811.4111 (box office)
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