Bill Fontana

San Francisco Art Institute

Internationally-renowned sound artist Bill Fontana will re-present his 1981 work Landscape Sculpture with Foghorns. Originally installed on the eastern wall of Pier 2, the temporally-specific installation layers and overlaps with the contemporary soundscape of the San Francisco waterfront.

This is what SF/Arts curator Laura Fraenza had to say about Bill Fontana :

SFAI’s new campus at Fort Mason is the site of a sonic blast from the past, right where it was first launched at Pier 2 37 years ago. Bill Fontana’s “Landscape Sculpture with Foghorns” is a not-to-be-missed, spine-tingling sound installation with overlapping acoustic-delayed recordings of the haunting foghorns of the Golden Gate Bridge. Catch it before it leaves at the New Year.

Event Info
Feb 14 → Jan 01
Daily 9 am-9 pm
Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture
2 Marina Blvd. , San Francisco
Info: 415-771-7020
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