Fabric Animal


Fabric Animal is a dreamscape event sewn from the personal embodied histories of Sonsheree Giles and Sebastian Grubb. We examine the self as a body-through-time, a psychological and physiological threadwork, leaving poems in its wake. We invite you into our immersive evening of contemporary dance performance and original music composition.

This is what SF/Arts curator Heather Desaulniers had to say about Fabric Animal :

Long-term relationships radiate familiarity, intimacy and a deep sense of knowing; the same is true for long-time artistic partnerships, where the connection onstage is undeniable. Witness one of those unique conversations as Sonsherée Giles and Sebastian Grubb, who have collaborated for a decade, present “Fabric Animal,” a movement duet informed by text, science, visual art and improvisation.

Event Info
Jun 06 → Jun 08
Thu-Sat at 8 PM
80 Turk, San Francisco
Info: 415-626-2060
Venue: 626-2060
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