Berkeley World Music Festival

Berkeley World Music Festival

The 16th Annual Berkeley World Music Festival is a free music and cultural weekend that features genres from every corner of the world! Some of the finest musicians in the world who call the Bay Area home perform at this Festival.

This is what SF/Arts curator Jack Hirsch had to say about Berkeley World Music Festival :

At this fest, artists from across the Bay Area perform a range of World music, from Fula Brother’s rich tapestry of West African rhythms to the shimmering funk and melodies of Baraka Moon’s Sufi Trance Groves to the mesmerizing swing and World folk of the French Oak Gypsy Band—a small sample of the incredible selection of music and artists featured here.

Event Info
Jun 01 → Jun 02
Sat 1-6 pm & Sun noon-6 pm
, San Francisco
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