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In a recent survey nearly 96% of male ballet dancers stated that they endured physical or verbal attacks because of dance. Sexism is built into the fabric of classical ballet, an art form that has idolized women in toe shoes and tutus while relegating men to the role of partners. Danseur exposes the bullying and homophobia that these men face while illustrating the vitality of ballet through performance, preservation and education.

This is what SF/Arts curator Sura Wood has to say about Danseur :

For young male dancers, a career in ballet can be a rough road. In a recent survey, nearly all male ballet dancers queried reported having been subjected to bullying and homophobic attacks, both verbal and physical. Through interviews with the profession’s leading men, who discuss prejudices they face in an art form that venerates and idealizes women, Scott Gormley’s doc explores the social stigma attached to young boys pursuing their dreams.

Event Info
Jul 14
Sun at 1:45 pm
Rafael Film Center
1118 4th St., San Rafael
Info: 415.552.5580
Venue: 454-1222
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