Fantastic Fungi

Castro Theater

The visually stunning and groundbreaking documentary FANTASTIC FUNGI will have its San Francisco premiere at The Castro Theatre. Directed by award-winning filmmaker and pioneer of time-lapse photography, Louie Schwartzberg (Moving Art, Wings of Life, Mysteries of the Unseen Worlds 3D Imax), FANTASTIC FUNGI is an immersive experience that will inspire a shift in consciousness and a renewed love of nature.

This is what SF/Arts curator Sura Wood has to say about Fantastic Fungi :

If you’ve assumed that witnessing fungi grow doesn’t constitute riveting, let alone desirable entertainment, you’d be wrong. The singular subject of time-lapse photography specialist Louie Schwartzberg’s visually awesome doc pulls you into one of the more unusual films of the year. It increases awareness of the ground beneath our feet and the eerie beauty and intelligence of a hidden fairy tale kingdom that operates under cover and out of sight.

Event Info
Oct 10
Thur at 7
Castro Theatre
429 Castro, San Francisco
Info: 415-621-6120
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