The French Had A Name For It 6 - film noir

Midcentury Productions

Specialty film festival producer Midcentury Productions presents its annual groundbreaking and wildly successful series THE FRENCH HAD A NAME FOR IT. FRENCH 6, presenting 15 film noirs, all from the 1960s, with films by Rene Clement, Julien Devivier, Jacques Deray, and even Jean-Luc Godard and Alain Resnais of the Nouvelle Vague. Plus stars like Alain Delon, Jane Fonda, Juliette Greco, Anna Karina, Charles Aznavour, Jean Gabin, & Yves Montand.

Summary by Sura Wood, SF/Arts Film/Video Curator

Event Info
Nov 14 → Nov 18
Thu & Fri at 7:15, Sat at 1:00 & 7:15, Sun at 1:00 & 6:15, Mon at 7:00
Roxie Theatre
3117 16th St, San Francisco
Info: 415-000-0000
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