Cinema Francais

Alliance Francaise

Crime French-style is the name of the game in "Le Dernier Diamant," the age-old story of a recent parolee lured back to "the life" by one last heist: the stealing of the priceless Florentin diamond, which is sought after by a cabal of gangsters and killers. The film, with a cast that includes Yan Attal and Berenice Bejo, is part of a Tuesday night series that also features Claude Berri's "Ensemble C'est Tout" with the gamine Audrey Tautou.

Summary by Sura Wood, SF/Arts Film/Video Curator

Event Info
Dec 03 → Dec 17
Tuesdays at 7pm
Alliance Francaise
1345 Bush, San Francisco
Info: 415 775-7755
Venue: 775-7755
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