FRESH Festival 2020

FRESH Festival

San Francisco's 11th Annual Festival of Experimental Dance, Music and Performance Featuring three weeks of cutting-edge live art, immersive training in dance and related forms and community-cultivating social and interactive events. Featured performances include Brontë Velez, dana e fitchett and Lxs Dxs on January 10 and 11; Sara Shelton Mann and Lux Boreal on January 17 and 18; and ALTERNATIVA, Tara Brandel and Brontez Purnell on January 24.

This is what SF/Arts curator Heather Desaulniers has to say about FRESH Festival 2020 :

The FRESH Festival is back this January with a vast array of workshops, classes, happenings, talks and of course, three weekends of unique performance offerings at the Joe Goode Annex. Weekend one features Brontë Velez, dana e fitchett and Lxs Dxs; followed by Sara Shelton Mann and Lux Boreal during weekend two; and lastly Tara Brandel, Brontez Purnell and festival organizer ALTERNATIVA.

Pictured: Kathleen Hermesdorf, Gareth Okan, Delaney McDonough and Kentaro Kumanomido, Photo: Robbie Sweeny

Event Info
Jan 10 → Jan 25
Fri and Sat at 8pm
Joe Goode Annex
401 Alabama, San Francisco
Info: 415-561-6565
Venue: 561-6565
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