Colette Uncensored

The Marsh

COLETTE UNCENSORED tells the story of the celebrated French author's life as a writer, a woman, a pioneer for social change, and a lover. Colette wrote the books that the movie Gigi and Cheri were based on, as well as fifty other works. In addition to a prolific career as a writer, Colette blazed trails in many areas, from women's empowerment, to respect for nature, to sexual liberation. Audiences have remarked that Colette Uncensored resonates deeply with the current political climate.

Event Info
Oct 06 → Nov 04
Fri. at 8pm, Sat. at 5 pm
$20-$35 sliding scale; $55-$100 Reserved Seating
The Marsh Berkeley
2120 Allston Way, Berkeley
Info: (415) 282-3055
Venue: 826-5750
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