Kierra Johnson: Signify

Betti Ono | Oakland

Presenting a deeply personal and reflective series of portraits by photographer Kierra Johnson.

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock had to say about Kierra Johnson: Signify :

In her first solo exhibition, photographer Kierra Johnson presents a series of portraits inspired by films such as “Eve’s Bayou” and “Soul Food,” as well as the lived experience of working-class black people across the United States, from the American South to California. At its core, the work conveys the everyday beauty of black life and domesticity with a poetic sense of color, light and shadow.

Event Info
May 04 → Jul 20
Wed-Fri noon-5 pm, Sat 1-5 pm
Betti Ono Gallery/Oakland
1427 Broadway , Oakland
Info: (510) 473-5919
Venue: (510) 473-5919
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