Kate Rhoades: Mares of Magnesia

Royal Nonesuch Gallery/Oakland

The exhibition includes a series of videos installed within interactive sculptures. Rhoades took inspiration for the exhibition and the sculptural forms from her re-telling of the myth of the centaurs.

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock had to say about Kate Rhoades: Mares of Magnesia :

The thing you need to know is that this exhibition centers around a central painting and four rocking sculptures featuring embedded videos. Viewers must mount these rocking sculptures to fully experience the work—and yes, the choice of the word “mount” belongs to Rhoades, whose work is always characteristically whip-smart, funny and bittersweet.

Event Info
May 12 → Jul 01
Sat & Sun 1-4 pm
Royal NoneSuch Gallery/Oakland
4231 Telegraph Avenue , Oakland
Info: 415-652-1623
Venue: (415) 652-1653
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