Living Wall

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Culture for Climate. The wall has four distinct microclimates based on year-round light exposure, and the plantings in each were curated according to what would thrive there. Many of the native species can be found on the forest floors of Mount Tamalpais, Muir Woods, and the East Bay Regional Parks, and their use in the wall is intended to elicit memories among locals, whether conscious or unconscious, of seeing them on hikes. These are known as "redwood understory," and "mixed evergreen forest" types. Also in California there are particular species that grow in canyons, and their presence lends an additional nature reference to the urban canyon that the wall occupies. See the website for more info and the planting plan.

This is what SF/Arts curator Jean Schiffman has to say about Living Wall :

At 30-feet high with an expanse of 4,400 square feet, and featuring 38 different species and 19,442 individual plants, SFMOMA’s Living Wall is the largest in the U.S. It is on the museum’s third floor terrace, where it offers “a leafy respite” from viewing art. Also featured during the Climate Summit: Pop-Up Gallery Talk: “Green Architecture at SFMOMA” and “Global Perspectives.”

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