Marco Maggi: SUPRA muro

Hosfelt Gallery

Marco Maggi's intricate drawings demand time--time to make, and time to see. Working with modest materials like graphite, X-acto knives, Claybord, Plexiglas, office paper, or aluminum foil, he cuts, draws or etches tiny, abstract lines that incite interpretation but artfully elude it. His works have been compared to microchips, maps, hieroglyphics, or genetic codes. Their diminutive scale requires close-up inspection and time for the eye to adjust to their meticulous details.

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock had to say about Marco Maggi: SUPRA muro :

Marco Maggi’s work requires time to make and time to view and time to appreciate. Our mediated culture has made it uncommon to survey life beyond the details inscribed on a palm-sized screen. Maggi’s work delights in creating something of a visual scavenger hunt in the promise of images etched onto clear glass, or mirror, or paper, as the case may be. Look closely, then look again.

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Sep 04 → Oct 06
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Hosfelt Gallery
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