VOTE: an exhibition about taking action

Playland at 43rd Avenue

"VOTE: An art exhibition about taking action" is a group show curated by Outer Sunset artist Georgia Hodges featuring 11 local artists: Jillian Blackwell, Julie Cloutier, Alicia Guckenheimer–Harrell, Amy Hirst, Georgia Hodges, Rachel Kaye, Lauren Lubell, George McCalman, Jay Nelson, Johanna St. Clair, Daren Wilson. The work is intended to spark, motivate, and inspire people to take action -- and as a reminder to VOTE.

Event Info
Oct 19 → Nov 06
Fri Oct 19 & Tue Nov 4-6 pm; Sat & Sun noon-5 pm
Playland at 43rd Avenue
1360 43rd Avenue, San Francisco, CA
Info: 415-515-9184
Venue: 415-515-9184
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