Small Inventions: Artist's Books by Charles Hobson

Legion of Honor

Small Inventions: Artist's Books by Charles Hobson celebrates the Museums' acquisition of 29 works by San Francisco artist Charles Hobson as a gift of collector Marian Kinney. Over the past three decades, Hobson has been a proponent of the book as a hybrid work of art and as a tool for visually communicating complex ideas. His process calls for expanding the definition of what can be called a book and devising a unique form for each volume in relation to its content. His books become physical embodiments of their textual concepts, engaging the reader as an active collaborator and transforming reading into a participatory rather than passive activity.

Event Info
Feb 02 → Jun 30
Tuesday–Sunday 9:30 am–5:15 pm
Legion of Honor
34th Ave. and Clement, San Francisco
Info: 415-750-3600
Venue: 863-3330
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