April Dawn Alison

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Made over the course of some 30 years, the photographs in this exhibition depict the many faces of April Dawn Alison (1941–2008), the female persona of an Oakland, California–based photographer who lived in the world as a man. Upon her death, Alison left an archive of over 8,000 Polaroid photographs, the vast majority of which are self-portraits.

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock has to say about April Dawn Alison :

Oakland-based photographer Alan Schaefer (1941–2008) spent more than 30 years taking polaroid self-portraits of his private persona April Dawn Alison – this secret treasure trove of photos exploring female archetypes drawn from popular culture was only discovered upon their death, leaving behind a silent record of a rich identity lived out of the public eye, in full color all the same.

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Jul 06 → Dec 01
Mon -Tue 10 AM - 5 PM, Thu 10 AM - 9 PM, Fri-Sun 10 AM - 5 PM
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
151 Third St., San Francisco
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