Kiss My Aztec

Berkeley Rep

This fresh, irreverent musical comedy could only spring forth from the clever and culturally savvy mind of John Leguizamo (who seriously schooled Berkeley Rep audiences with Latin History for Morons). With an energetic musical fusion of salsa, Latin boogaloo, hip-hop, gospel, funk, and merengue, and an inspired mash-up of Elizabethan dialect and modern slang, Kiss My Aztec! celebrates, elevates, and commemorates Latinx culture.

This is what SF/Arts curator Jean Schiffman has to say about Kiss My Aztec :

Berkeley Rep’s artistic director Tony Taccone collaborated with the acclaimed and hilarious theater artist John Leguizamo on this world premiere musical set in the 16th century in Spanish-occupied Mesoamerica. A couple of Aztecs—a clown and a warrior—rise up against the oppressors. The music’s a crazy mix of salsa, hip-hop and more; the dialogue is both Elizabethan and modern; altogether it’s a celebration of Latinx culture. Taccone directs.

Event Info
Jun 06 → Jul 21
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Berkeley Rep's Roda Theatre
2015 Addison St., Berkeley
Info: 510/647-2949
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