Leonie Guyer, Dan Max and Tony May

871 Fine Arts

This exhibition features works by three long-time Bay Area artists. Léonie Guyer creates paintings, drawings, site-based works and books. Her work is characterized by idiosyncratic abstract shapes that are deployed in a variety of spaces. Dan Max creates works entirely of 2-ply vellum paper measuring 19 x 24 inches. Rip saws, screw drivers, knives, tape, and various other tools associated with the home workshop are used to make direct cuts and shreds into the smooth surface of the paper. This is a demonstration of the material's strength and flexibility. Tony May works in a variety of media. His work has often taken the form of site responsive installations and it has a strong leaning towards the conceptual, the quasi-functional, and the whimsical.

Event Info
Jun 08 → Sep 06
Wed-Sun 10:30AM-5:30PM
871 Fine Arts
20 Hawthorne, San Francisco
Venue: 543-5155
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