Theatre de la Feuille- "L'orp Helin 2.0"

San Francisco International Arts Festival

L'Orphelin 2.0 is based on The Orphan of Zhao, one of China's oldest plays and the first to be translated into a European language. Described as the Chinese Hamlet, it is a luminous reinvention of an ancient legend. As with any classic, several versions exist. It first appeared in Zuo Zhuan, the well-known Commentary of Zuo on The Spring and Autumn Annals and then described by the great historian Sima Qian in his Records of the Grand Historian.

Event Info
May 24
Fri. at 8:15pm
General Admission (Youth) 15. USD, General Admission (Adult) 25. USD
Herbst Pavilion/Fort Mason
Marina Blvd and Buchanan St, San Francisco
Info: 4153999554
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