SF LGBTQ+ Journalism, Early Days of AIDS

The American Bookbinders Museum

A conversation with Randy Alfred, gay journalist who covered the early years of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Randy will discuss reportage of the terrifying and yet-to-be-named "gay plague" in 1981. Hear journalistic "war stories" from a San Francisco reporter/editor who was breaking national news on KSAN-FM and in The Sentinel when much of the local LGBTQ media was burying its head in the sand or doing tepid rewrites of mainstream coverage.

Event Info
Jul 13
Sat. at 1pm
$10. $20 for lecture plus 2pm docent-led tour
The American Bookbinders Museum
355 Clementina St., San Francisco
Info: 4158249754
Venue: (415) 824-9754
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