Dollhouse Monsters

Exit Theatre

This hybrid performance piece combines theatrical scripting with the intimacy of burlesque. A timeless tale delving into the intimate secrets (and some of the hidden monsters) of three women struggling to make sense of the world, and their role in it. Written by Eric Pape, devised by Red Velvet, Lady Malavendra, and Dee O's Mío, and featuring The Velvettes: Coco Jewelle, Jenny Jewels, and Tanqueray von Grafenburg. Warning: This show involves stripping--physical, emotional, and mental

This is what SF/Arts curator Jean Schiffman has to say about Dollhouse Monsters :

In recent years Exit Theatre has been producing what you might call neo-burlesque shows. This one’s a mashup that encompasses burlesque—stripping and all—and drama; written by Eric Pape, it follows three women searching for their identities in a confusing world. Performers are The Velvettes: Coco Jewelle, Jenny Jewels and Tanqueray von Grafenburg.

Event Info
Jul 12 → Jul 27
Fri & Sat at 8 pm
Exit Stage Left
156 Eddy, San Francisco
Info: 415-254-1573
Venue: 675-5995
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