Kristiana Chan

The Growlery

Kristiana Chan's Bodies of Water is a multimedia installation that explores the ancestral and biological heritage of water. This exhibit presents a video installation, sound collage, and a series of seawater developed cyanotypes.

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock has to say about Kristiana Chan :

Kristiana Chan identifies as a multimedia artist, educator, writer, photographer and surfeminist; her work considers heritage, migration and the Asian American diaspora. Past installations have included video projections combined with illuminated paper lanterns and cyanotype prints on rice paper. Water, as both a life force and the element that propels migration, is central to her work.

Event Info
Jun 15 → Jul 10
By appt.
The Growlery
235 Broderick St, San Francisco
Venue: 650-270-6205
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