Bay Area Prints 2019

The Compound Gallery/Oakland

Presenting an art exhibition featuring works by Bay Area printmakers. Cash awards, provided by Bay Area print collectors Fred and Louise Neal. Featuring 100 Bay Area artists, this show serves as a venue to educate the public on the varied techniques employed in printmaking and encourage the interest and public support of these artists by acquiring their work. Visit the website to find out how to vote for your favorite work.

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock has to say about Bay Area Prints 2019 :

More than 100 artists are featured in this massive survey of Bay Area printmakers, featuring more than 1,000 works by too many great artists to mention any by name. On July 21 collectors Fred and Louise Neal will bestow cash prizes to select lucky winning artists at a public reception. A special Audience Choice Award is accepting public votes through July 14.

Event Info
Jun 08 → Aug 04
Wed-Sun noon-7 pm
The Compound Gallery and Studios
1167 65th Street, Oakland
Info: 844-278-7447
Venue: 510.601.1702
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