Kate Rhoades: Market Street Mysteries

San Francisco Arts Commission

Market Street Mysteries tackles the origin story of the famous flock of parrots, the cow swallowed by the street in the 1906 earthquake and the lost ships of the Gold Rush. Each myth is illustrated in a bold dramatic color palette over two posters, like pages of a comic book. Rhoades met with local San Francisco historian Chris Carlson and plumbed the archives at FoundSF to develop the series.

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock has to say about Kate Rhoades: Market Street Mysteries :

Hilariously funny and deeply thoughtful Bay Area artist Kate Rhoades has illustrated a colorful series of Market Street posters that explore the many mysteries and old wives’ tales that haunt the city’s main thoroughfare. Consider the lost ships of the Gold Rush, supposedly sunken below the street, or the case of the poor cow swallowed by the earth during the 1906 earthquake.

Event Info
Jul 31
Market Street Kiosk
Market Street, San Francisco
Info: 252-2255
Venue: 554-6080
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