Preservation Hall Jazz Band


Their newest release, So It Is, celebrates the contributions of new members Walter Harris, Branden Lewis and Kyle Roussel.

This is what SF/Arts curator Laura Fraenza has to say about Preservation Hall Jazz Band :

From its hallowed home in New Orleans, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band take its show on the road and settles in for four days as part of Summer Sessions, an extended season of “mini festivals” celebrating the great songbook that encompasses the music found in North, Central and South America. Don’t miss this chance to see the revered ensemble outside its French Quarter headquarters.

Event Info
Aug 08 → Aug 11
Thu-Fri at at 7:30 PM, Sat at 7 PM, Sat at 9:30 PM, Sun at 3 PM
205 Franklin, San Francisco
Info: 866-920-5299
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