Kal Spelletich: Significance Machines

Saint Mary's College Museum of Art

Kal Spelletich: Significance Machines and Purposeful Robots, on view from July 25 through December 8, 2019, presents thirteen interactive sculptures and three dialogical photographs by the San Francisco artist, Kal Spelletich (b. 1960). A leader in the machine art scene, Spelletich has lived and worked in South San Francisco for 30 years. His art merges obsolete materials into constructed machines that interact with humans in unexpected ways.

Event Info
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Jul 25 → Dec 08
Wed-Sun 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
free exhibition
Saint Mary's College Museum of Art
1928 Saint Mary's Road, Moraga
Info: 925-631-4379
Venue: 925-631-4379
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