Titus Adronicus

Theatre Lunatico

A physically based ensemble of actors like Theatre Lunatico's ought to be able to work stage magic with Shakespeare's bloodiest, most gruesome tragedy. In the company's rendition, Marcus (brother of the Roman general Titus) becomes Marcia and Lucius (Titus' son) is Lucia; thus, says Lunatico, "the future becomes female." The chorus observes the violence and notes "our flawed humanity." Tina Taylor directs.

Summary by Jean Schiffman, SF/Arts Theater Curator

Event Info
Aug 30 → Sep 29
Thu at 7:30, Fri & Sat at 8 pm, Sun at 7 pm
La Val’s Subterranean/Berkeley
1834 Euclid Ave, berkeley
Info: 510-843-5617
Venue: 510 464-4468
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