55:56: A Multimedia Installation

Aggregate Space/Oakland

Aggregate Space Gallery presents 55:56, a multimedia installation, exploring an alternate and private space for houris, where they are able to embrace and indulge in both humanly and heavenly desires, free from the expectations of others. This exhibition is curated by Laine Corfield and Sophia Feuer as the culminating project of Aggregate Space Gallery's annual intensive Curatorial Fellowship. Opening Reception Friday, 4 October 2019 6-10pm

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock has to say about 55:56: A Multimedia Installation :

The Houris of Islamic mythology and Middle Eastern folklore, on par with the nymphs of Greek mythology, take center stage in this multimedia installation by Baharak and Behnaz Khaleghi. Curated by Laine Corfield and Sophia Feuer, as the culminating project of Aggregate Space’s annual Curatorial Fellowship, this project subverts the notion of womanly perfection.

Event Info
Oct 04 → Nov 16
Thurs-Sat 1-5
416 26th Street, Oakland
Info: (510) 560-6352
Venue: 510/922-1653
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