Quinteto La Moderna

Old First Concerts

Quinteto La Moderna is the Bay Area's first and only quintet dedicated to the Cuban musical style known as "charanga". In this special performance they will focus on the lyrical and timeless instrumental form of Cuban music known as the danzon, a style born in the late 19thcentury from the "French Trio" tradition of piano, flute and violin.

This is what SF/Arts curator Jesse Hamlin has to say about Quinteto La Moderna :

Masters of the elegant Cuban dance music called charanga, the quintet features such estimable Bay Area veterans as percussionist Michael Spiro, flutist-pianist John Calloway and violinist Tregar Otton, performing traditional danzon, cha-cha-chas and the more contemporary Cuban sounds of songo and timba.

Event Info
Nov 08
Fri. at 8
$5 - $25
Old First Church
1751 Sacramento, San Francisco
Info: (415) 474 1608
Venue: 474-1608
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