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East Germany in 1980: Barbara (Nina Hoss) is a physician who arrives for her first day at a small rural hospital near the Baltic Sea. Barbara was transferred from the Charité hospital in East Berlin, after she'd filed an official request to leave East Germany--she had been imprisoned and transferred to the small town where she is still monitored by the Stasi.

This is what SF/Arts curator Sura Wood has to say about Barbara :

The exceptional actress, Nina Hoss ("Homeland"), plays a physician who, in 1980, is banished to a small hospital in the boonies near the Baltic Sea after being im-prisoned by the Stasi in East Germany. Christian Petzold’s 2012 award-winning film explores the moral conflict of a character torn between a new lover and car-ing for a vulnerable pregnant woman, who did time in a hard labor camp, while covertly planning to escape oppression and flee to Denmark.

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Dec 20
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