The Butterfly Effect

Dance Brigade

In their newest interdisciplinary endeavor, Dance Brigade looks to The Butterfly Effect - the phenomena that small actions and decisions can have far-reaching consequences--to investigate climate change. Conceived by Artistic Director Krissy Keefer, the audience will journey through the Dance Mission space and be met with a mélange of dance, percussion, light, video and sound.

Summary by Heather Desaulniers, SF/Arts Dance Curator

Event Info
Jan 24 → Feb 09
Fri-Sat, Jan. 24 th -25 th at 8:00pm; Sun, Jan. 26 th at 6:00pm; Fri-Sat, Jan. 31 st -Feb. 1 st at 8:00pm; Sun, Feb. 2 nd at 6:00pm; Fri-Sat, Feb 7 th
Dance Mission
3316 24th St., San Francisco
Info: 415 000 0000
Venue: 522-8793
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