In Conversation with Dance: Closing Reception with

Red Poppy Art House

On Jan 19, join us at RPAH (2698 Folsom st.) from 5-8pm for the closing reception of "Conversation with Dance" by Ella Noe, curated by Elena Mencarelli. Live Performance by: Aaron Kierbel, Peter Whitehead, Ella Noe "Space is not a static, inert thing. Space is alive; space is dynamic; space is imbued with movement expressed by forces and counterforce; space vibrates and resounds with color, light and form in the rhythm of life..."

Event Info
Jan 19
Sunday, January 19th from 5-8pm
Red Poppy Art House
2698 Folsom at 23rd, San Francisco
Info: (650) 731-5383
Venue: 826-2402
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