"Fool La La: Once Upon a Mind"

The Marsh

Full of brand new, mindfully comedic mishaps for all ages, this zany circus extravaganza invites audiences to dive into the imagination of Unique Derique as he embarks on a whimsical adventure of mindfoolness through the wacky lens of clown logic. Packed with his trademark circus-inspired tricks, "Fool La La: Once Upon a Mind"" sends Unique Derique on a joyful journey where the past and the future collide in delightfully absurd ways.

Event Info
Jan 11 → Jan 25
Sun at 1pm
$15-$35 sliding scale, $55-$100 reserved
The Marsh Berkeley
2120 Allston Way, Berkeley
Info: 415-752-8361
Venue: 826-5750
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