MidCentury Blue(s)

Wax Poet(s)

Wax Poet(s), the artistic partnership of Heather Stockton and Garth Grimball, simultaneously consider the past and present in their upcoming premiere, "MidCentury Blue(s)." By looking back at how iconic mid-century artists used the color blue in paint and performance lighting, they, with lighting designer Jessi Barber, take a deep dive into creative lineage and question how historic choices inform today's work.

Summary by Heather Desaulniers, SF/Arts Dance Curator

Event Info
Feb 08 → Feb 09
Sat-Sun, Feb 8th-9th at 7:00pm, 7:45pm & 8:30pm
Shawl-Anderson Dance Center
2704 Alcatraz Ave., Berkeley
Info: 415 000-0000
Venue: 510/654-5921
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