Music of the Actualized Child

Embodiment Project/Oakland

Thursday, June 7th's Performance includes a Post-Show Panel & Reception with Embodiment Project--Friday, June 8th's Performance includes a Post-Show Panel with Davey D, James Bell, Shakti Butler & Sonya Shah--Saturday, June 9th's Performances includes a Pre-Show Screening of Shakti Butler's "Healing Justice" at 6PM. RSVP for Film Screening Required.

This is what SF/Arts curator Heather Desaulniers has to say about Music of the Actualized Child :

Resident Artist Commissions come to ODC Theater this June, with three showings of work developed by ODC resident artists. First up is the premiere of “Music of the Actualized Child” by Nicole Klaymoon and Embodiment Project. Inspired by the recent documentary “Healing Justice,” the interdisciplinary work uses music, text, storytelling and movement to explore themes of youth, race and incarceration.

Event Info
Jun 07 → Jun 09
ODC Theater
3153 17th St., San Francisco
Info: 415.863.9834
Venue: 863-9834
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