Introductions: Meet Breanna Sinclairé

By Rachelle Axel

Every once in a while, we meet someone, an artist, who holds beauty and truth at their center and she takes our breath away.

We are all drawn to beauty and we are all drawn to truth. There is magic and purity in both, and art holds beauty and truth at its core. And every once in a while, we meet someone, an artist, who holds beauty and truth at their center and she takes our breath away. Meet Breanna Sinclairé.

Breanna is a rising star in the world of opera. She is one of those individuals you can’t take your eyes off of and once she starts speaking, singing, laughing, telling her story, you feel yourself expand, get drawn in, become more alive; you feel invested in her happiness and success. Maybe you fall in love a little - with her, with yourself, with life.

Breanna is an opera singer who happens to be transgender. She began her physical transition while training at CalArts in Southern California and is the first trans woman to graduate with a Masters in Vocal Performance from San Francisco’s Conservatory of Music. Since graduating, she has remained in San Francisco to pursue her career.

She shares her story easily, clearly, with no drama; her truth is big enough. She doesn’t emphasize the courage she has summoned over the years through harrowing situations. She simply brings you along on her journey, making you feel a part of it. Making you laugh along with her. Primarily, she talks about her art - rehearsing, studying, living the life of a performer, unremittingly committed to her craft. Because above all else, it is about her music.

The first time I heard Breanna sing was for 1200 arts professionals from around the country. There was rapturous applause after the first aria. When she introduced herself and told her story, you could feel the audience’s synapses connect as they pieced together her remarkable talents and her transition to womanhood. Then she sang again and the room went wild, responding to both the beauty of her gifts and the poignancy of her journey. After the performance, people flocked to her inimitable star power, offering praise, opportunities, love.

Every heart to heart with Breanna is a revelation. She talks about being where she is supposed to be, about how her evolution and growth is a continuum. Because an artist never stops learning, improving, excelling. And because as women, we are always in transition, so we must trust that we are in our right place and in our right time. 

For Breanna, that means having a growing trust in her voice, while acknowledging she has plenty more work ahead. She has transitioned to a lyric soprano, reaching registers she never thought possible. And she is starting to have fun with it.

Breanna makes her full-length operatic debut April 2020, in the new opera, "Bound," at the Harbourfront Centre Theatre in Toronto. She also performs in a solo recital on March 31 at Toronto’s Richard Bradshaw Amphitheater.

She believes she has a lot to give and share with the world - and we are all luckier for that.